The decision to sell your home on your own usually stems from either a bad experience with a prior agent or a desire to save the marketing fee. Whichever reason brought you to this decision does not matter at this exact moment in time. What does matter is that you reach your goal. There are many steps involved in selling a house and most of them happen after you have secured a buyer through your marketing. Buyers find their homes in these key ways:

  • Online
  • Real Estate Agents
  • For Sale Sign
  • Open Houses

Since you do not know where your buyer will come from, it is imperative that you use all or as many of the avenues as possible in order to receive the most exposure. Simply listing your house for sale on Zillow would not be wise if you are truly serious about selling in a timely manner. Also, when It comes to marketing:

  • Ads with at least 10 photos receive more views
  • High quality images and/or videos are extremely necessary
  • Staged properties sell on average about 17% higher than non-staged properties, plus they sell faster

If your decision to sell on your own is because you want to save on the marketing fee, keep in mind that although you will save on the marketing fee, you won't net as much on the sale price as you would if you listed with an agent. Why:

  • Buyers looking for FSBO's are looking for a deal
  • Properties listed with Realtors receive more offers
  • Realtors have negotiation skills

Feel free to research these stats online to fact check me. In the meantime, I have some resources right here that will help you on your journey. Feel free to download whatever you think might be of help to you. Even though you are going at this alone, it does not mean you can't reach out to me if you need to. I look forward to hearing from you if needed and I wish you a quick and successful sale.

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